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We are a digital transformation consultancy specialising in turning enterprises social. You receive exceptional social media consultancy because over the years we have helped some of the largest and best known businesses in the world embrace social media and indeed the wider digital transformation journey. We do this in a way which is professional, focused and above all secure. If this sounds like the sort of challenge you need help with give us a call…or read on.

“Inability to manage digital risks will hurt 60% of digital businesses by 2020” –  Gartner

In the rapidly changing digital world, it has become clear that organisations which cannot adapt…and quickly…invariably fall victim to the new behaviour of their audiences.


Do you know what proportion of Fortune 500 companies from 2000 are still here today?

For your business this means that the need to mobilise the power of social media and digital to engage your audiences (customers, employees, influencers) is more important now than ever. Social media plays a more crucial role than ever now because people are choosing to spend their time on these platforms rather than on websites or reading emails. In August 2015 Facebook passed a staggering milestone 1bn individuals logged in to the platform in a single day.

But, it’s important to deploy social for your business in a way which limits risk, demonstrates professionalism and has a degree of governance to safeguard your reputation. Please click here to see if we might be able to help you.

Digital Leadership Associates is a group of leading practitioners that has built a intellectual property (IP) to help companies to digitally and socially transform.

Your organisation will gain a clear vision of your journey, the responsibilities top down and bottom up.  Plus a clear communication plan that will take the whole company along the journey of your digital mission.

Digital Leadership Associates provides a framework that will socialise your enterprise, provide clear workflow, accountability, executive sponsorship and straightforward and measurable KPIs.

So why not call us for an introductory chat to see if we might be able to help you.

Whenever you think that digital transformation or social media are not things which are applicable to your business, have a think about the sheer number or people using social networks. These people are not just consumers, but decision makers, corporate buyers, CEOs, Directors…in fact a total cross section of society.

Of the total 3.4 Billion internet users, well over 50% are regular users of social media networks. (figures in hundreds of millions of users)

  • Facebook – 1590
  • QQ – 536
  • Twitter – 320
  • Instagram – 400
  • LinkedIn – 220
  • WhatsApp – 1000
  • QZone – 640
  • Tumblr – 555